Sun Gazing

Sun gazing is a one-time practice of your lifetime. Look at the rising or setting sun-one time per day. First day look for a maximum of 10 seconds. Second day look for 20 seconds at the rising sun adding ten seconds every succeeding day. So at the end of 10 continuous days of sun gazing you will be looking at the sun for 100 seconds i.e. 1 minute and 40 seconds. Stand on bare earth with bare foot. Eyes can blink and/or flicker. Stillness or Steadiness of the eyes is not required. Why don’t you watch the sun instead of the TV? The intensity of the TV is much more than the rising or setting sun. If you can watch TV you can easily watch the rising or setting sun safely. Have a belief component in you that the sun rays or light that you are getting into the eyes is of immense benefit and will not harm you. This will give you earlier, quicker and better results. Without fail, even with out a belief component also you will get results if you follow the practice—it will take longer time—that’s all. You need not restrict any of your normal daily routines in life. There are no restrictions. No fasting, enjoy your food. Hold on to your food like a parent holding on to the infant baby.


1. Stand in the open under the sky barefooted and on Mother Earth. The ground can be sand like ocean or riverfront or dirt or like baseball practice ground. It cannot be concrete, tile, lawn or top of the building. This is very important because this makes the earth thing complete and all the five elements of sky, air, fire, water and earth complement each other and help in the process.

2. Start looking at the rising or setting Sun for 5 to 10 seconds on first day. Increase Sun gazing by 5 to 10 seconds every day. For example, you can look at the sun for 10 seconds on first day, 20 seconds on second day, 30 seconds on third day, and so on.

3. Sun Gazing has to be done during the first hour of Sunrise to avoid damage to eye retina. One should not look at the sun after one hour or it is too bright.

4. Sun Gazing can also be done during the last hour of Sunset. But morning Sun also gives you Vitamin A and D.

5. While praying, one has to wish that Sun energy is entering through their eyes to the Brain and Body and that it will do good to us and that it will not have any bad effects on us. This is very important because what you believe becomes the reality of you.

PROCESS: What Happens?

We all know the Rainbow. Shri Hira Ratan Manek says that the "Rainbow" is in our eyes. By receiving the Sun rays through our eyes, the glands in the brain gets charged and through it our brain gets charged and this brings out hidden un-utilized powers of the brain. As in Color therapy, by receiving the Sunrays through eyes, we get all the colors and any deficiency of color is filled.


1. When Sun gazing every day and continuing it for 90 days, all the mental disorders and mental diseases are cured. One gets winning over fear. It can be fear of death, fear of uncertainties, stress and like. Nature becomes pleasant and anger is controlled.

2. When Sun gazing every day and continuing it for 180 days, all the physical disorders get cured.

3. When you reach the final phase of 270 days, you get the victory over the taste and hunger.

UNIQUE: Is this Unique?

Shri Hira Ratan Manek has done 411 days of fasts in the year 2000-01. He has not taken any solid food since 1995. While not fasting, he takes only three times in a day either tea, coffee or buttermilk. When he was in America for the first time, he fasted 109 days, which was completed on October 27, 2002. Is this unique? Shri Hira Ratan Manek says, "This is not unique." Great Rishis had been doing it. Now in India, there are at least 17 people known to him, who has not taken any food for five years or more. Some have not taken any food for 20 or more years. Only thing unique about Shri Hira Ratan Manek is that he wants to show to the world how any person can do this and this is completely scientific.


Once you complete the 270 days of Sun gazing, your body becomes like the solarium. You receive all the benefits mentioned above and you become quite, serene and a happy person, untouched by any and all the miseries of the world. Personal consultation is necessary after that for those who want to continue the Sadhana further to receive the benefits of advanced level like power of visualization, power to see the aura and its color and like.


1. One should not look at the Sun for more than 44 minutes at a time. Sun gazing should not be increased by more than 10 seconds every day.

2. It is strongly recommended to consult an eye doctor periodically to check the effect on the eyes.

3. One should stop Sun gazing if they feel any discomfort or feel heat around the eyes.

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