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Mony Vital

A Breatharian Speaks Out


Conference Call synopsis for Saturday, February 12, 2005. Part II. Mony Vital on Immortality. Written by Cara McKennon

Mony Vital is one of about 1,000 people on earth who lives totally on prana, Light energy. He does not eat food of any kind, nor drink liquids of any kind, including water, yet he is in perfect health.

His comments were done in first person, so I will write it that way. These quotes come from notes taken during the conference call.

Quoting. Mony Vital on immortality.

"I don’t eat, I live on Light. I don’t drink water even. I live on pranic nourishment If you think you are getting anything from food, you are totally mistaken. Food is poison, it takes from your health. You actually get your energy from air."

"Physical things, not living physically immortal, I reject it. I don’t have to accept the culture of death. Human beings are only a number."

"You receive two certificates in your life: birth certificate and a death certificate. From the moment you are born, you buy into the death culture. You don’t see yourself in the death culture. From the moment you are born, you start to die."

"People decide when they will die. It is a slow, painful process. People believe they must grow old and die. It controls you, you have no future, no vision."

"You must have a vision, you must have possibilities, and not be bound by the restrictions of earth. I designed my life and the people around me. I love myself. I am totally into myself."

"You are being controlled-mind controlled. Your conversations in spirituality have no basis in reality."

"Doing this you are not going to have a brand new body tomorrow. You are not going anywhere, unless you accept yourself 100%. Not 99%, but 100%."

"Our bodies are 90% water, sacs of water. Water is changeable. Since water is changeable, you are changeable. You are the ones creating the symptoms you have."

At this point, Mony was interrupted by Dr. Yu’s presentation. I will resume the next part when Mony returned.

Michael commented that what we have been living is the old paradigm, Dr. Yu represents the present paradigm. Mony Vital the new paradigm.

Mony continued. Mony started with some background history.

"I was raised in Israel. From the age of 5 I was taught the teachings of the Torah, what I am to believe and not to believe. Was I in or out? As a child I was very confused about what they wanted me to do."

He resumed back to where he left off before.

"After every meal, your body has to rest. In some societies, they have a siesta, a 2 hour break, after the meal to rest. People eat too much. It shuts down the system. There is no good food. Your stomach is the size of your fist. You should eat 1/3 less than you do."

"Change your system. Clean it up. Balancing is cleaning it. Cleaning it is balancing it. Most people have parasites. If you clean up your system, you clean up the parasites. The parasites are a symbiotic relationship. You don’t get cravings for certain foods, your parasites get cravings for certain foods and you feed the parasites when you satisfy your cravings."

"So why feed your parasites? It’s all excuses."

"Your body wants to heal itself. You should never see a therapist or doctor. You are buying into the death culture. You should try Tai Chi, Meditation."

"I tried it all, being a vegetarian, eating only raw fruit, or all juices."

When asked how long he had been on prana, he said.

"Five years." He said something about 21 days. Not sure in reference to what.

He said,

"After 3 days of not eating, you will not be hungry anymore."

"Learn to be a whole human being. Learn to love yourself completely."

"Loving yourself is very important, and loving everybody else."

"The only love that really matters is loving yourself. Look inside yourself."

"Buddha and Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself. Self love, inner love, promote Loving self, loving inner self, loving yourself collectively."

"I never do anything to harm me."

"Who is ready for this change of lifestyle? Everything about this world is about eating. It’s the old energy. If you don’t eat, you have time for other things. Not eating doesn’t cost anything, it instead saves lots of money."

"I don’t get invited out much because I don’t eat their food."

"You can’t buy life force in a can. You can’t buy it in a pill or plastic bottle. Change is the new paradigm."

"Think about being alive. Most people can’t see 20 years into the future."

"The most revered man in the world is the Pope. It is not about youth, or being happy. He is very old, he’s about religion, not living, being in a death culture, a culture of death from A to Z. Like the movie the Matrix. Go see it, if you haven’t seen it. You are living in a matrix, inside the box."

"You are living in the damning of America, and getting dumber and dumber. You don’t question, you act like robots. The controllers don’t want you to find out you are living in a box they control."

"The medical community believes in a death culture. In medical school, they practice on cadavers, on dead bodies, not on live bodies."

"Homeopathic medicine is imitating traditional medicine."

Michael asked Mony how to do this.

Mony’s reply.

"You must love and heal the inner child within with appreciation, acknowledgment and love. Bless your cells, bless your organs."

"Every morning before you get up, and every night before you go to sleep, touch every part of your body, like your hair, face, arms, legs, stomach, chest, back if you can reach it. Touch it and tell your body, "I love you." Do this every morning and you will have the best day of your life. You don’t need anyone else’s permission to do this."

"Get in your heart. Love every feeling you have. Do not condemn or criticize yourself."

"Try something different, do this program. Do this for 42 days. It takes that long for change to come about."

"Affirmations don’t work. You must acknowledge the problem. Your body wants to heal itself, to cleanse itself. If you have something wrong with your lungs, you won’t stop the problem by suppressing it. Monitor what you are doing to your body."

"Accept and love the parts of your body. Detox the body and allow it to heal itself. Your body is geared for survival. Most people can’t hear their body talking to them through their symptoms."

"I choose to feel good. Feelings are important. Affirmations don’t work. Don’t deny the problem. Change it by acknowledging it 10 times. As long as you don’t acknowledge it, you will have a misconnection."

"Connect directly to your brain. Say it 10 times. Love your body. Encourage your body to become what you want it to be. Don’t deny what problems you have. The body wants to heal itself. By pretending, you are lying to yourself."

"You can’t fragment your body through religion and governmental control. Having a belief in the present culture is like committing suicide, giving your life to a culture that has nothing to do with you."

Michael asked Mony if visualization would help.

Mony’s reply,

"Yes, use your imagination, have a vision. Put words to the reality you want. If you can’t see yourself as being healthy, you will never be healthy. To get healthy, get a vision of being healthy."

"Hospitals only have a 33% survival rate. It’s not about life force."

"Change your life style. Do your own healing. See how beautiful it is to be alive. You are sick because you choose to be sick."

"You must change your chore belief by loving your feelings."

"Food is the illusion, that it is necessary for survival."

Mony was asked about soy.

Mony’s reply.

"Soy is poison. Splenda is poison. Both cause pain and misery."

"Don’t eat too much food. A little will do it."

"Go to my website. Read about how to get cleansed. 40, 50, 60 year olds, clean your intestines. You should do this once a year at least. It’s good for your eyesight."


"Start at the basics. There is no magic bullet."

"Make a decision. You must change your thinking. Pay attention to what you eat. Consider how long it will take it to digest. It’s waste energy. The longer it takes, the faster it will cause aging. Eating food is a waste of time and nutrition."

"You never gain one ounce of energy from food. Instead, you lose energy because it takes more energy to process food than you get from it."

Sonali asked Mony. Paraphrasing. "How are we to get our children to accept this new way of not eating when it’s all around them, in their school, social activity, if they don’t eat with the other children, with their peer groups?"

Mony’s reply.

"The culture is not concerned about your children. They are considered a consumer. They are part of the productive steps of buying. They are being imprinted with this death culture. Schools are nothing more than babysitters. Children don’t learn anything important. They have to want to be different. They are a social issue. They buy into the culture, needing cell phones, stuff, they don’t know what life is about."

"It is your inner child that is deprived. Let go of impossibility thinking."

"Home schooling is better than the public school system."

"Baby’s are put on soy formula. It’s like poison. Baby food is bad for babies. Every food in your culture is bad for people. It’s all nonsense."

"Drinking a glass of orange juice in the morning will ruin your day because it will play havoc with your blood sugar levels. It’s worse than drinking coffee in the morning."

Mony gave a toll free number. 888-225-7501

He said he would be going to Thailand soon and would not be around to answer his phone. In Thailand many would be going into a Dark room retreat. When asked what that was.

"People go into a dark room without any light for a period of 2 weeks. They drink only water. They go beyond the beyond. Changes every part of their body and resets their clock."

Another website given was:

Name of a book was given. "Living on Light." by Jasmuheen

When asked about gazing into the sun. Reply.

"I am a breatherian. They are sun gazers. It is wonderful to look at the sun before sunset and sunrise. It helps to reset your clock. Do not do it in the middle of the day."

[The above information is transcribed as best as possible from the weekly conference calls. Some errors or omissions may have occurred during the translation. This information is being provided freely for educational purposes only and should not be construed as providing legal or financial advice or consulting.]


This post is the most valuable piece on Surya Namaskar you will find in any language other that Sanskrit.

Thousands of pretenders have flooded book store shelves and the internet with "ready made" Surya namaskar takes-- all bull.

First of all SURYA NAMASKAR is not a physical exercise.  It is something much more profound, which needs deep understanding of  Sanskrit Vedic literature and Sanatana Dharma.

It is a complete Sadhana, inclusive of Yogasana ( excercise ) , Mantra ( sound longitudial waves ) , Pranayama ( breathing )  and Chakra meditation ( scalar energy vortex transciever ) .

This resonates the Pineal gland and DNA-- to speed up your chakras, and enlarge your aura-- I will get to the technical points later.,

I learnt Surya Namaskar at the age of 7, taught to me by the Kalai gurikkal.  Many years later, at my school we did Surya Namaskar in a group.  It was compulsory.

To arouse your curiousity I will put a video, which just shows what it is prima facie.  It will NOT explain anything else-- just the base movement.

It might appear to be a good physical stretch exercise to loosen up-- to a layman . What you must understand is that the man is facing the sun at dawn, on an empty stomach.

Now let me introduce breathing.  Breathing does magic . It must be started and stopped at the right time. You must be AWARE of the breathing process. Basically, inhale when stretching and exhale when bending.

Let me paste some pictures.

Now let me introduce the sound MANTRAS in Sanskrit, the oldest language of this planet, which originated from a 12 strand DNA of a Maharishi.

The 12 Names of Surya - the Sun

1) Om Maitreya nam-ah (The friend of all)
2) Om Ravaye nam-ah (Praised by all)
3) Om Suryaya nam-ah (The guide of all)
4) Om Bhanave nam-ah (The bestower of beauty)
5) Om Khagaya nam-ah (Stimulator of the senses)
6) Om Pushne nam-ah (The nourisher of all)
7) Om Hiranyagarbhaya nam-ah (The creator)
8) Om Marichaye nam-ah (Destroyer of disease)
9) Om Adityaya nam-ah (The inspirer)
10) Om Savitre nam-ah (The purifier)
11) Om Arkaya nam-ah (The radiant)
12) Om Bhaskaraya nam-ah (The illuminator)

Pose 1 (and 12): Promotes balance, stimulates the respiratory system, exercises shoulder, back and neck muscles

Pose 2 (and 11): Promotes balance, promotes digestion, exercises arms and shoulder muscles, tones the spine, promotes flexibility in back and hips

Pose 3 (and 10): Promotes blood circulation, tones abdominal tracts, stretches back and leg muscles, stimulates spinal nerves, stimulates lymphatic system

Pose 4 (and 9): Exercises spine, strengthens hand and wrist muscles

Pose 5 (and 8): Stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the heart, strengthens wrist and arm muscles, relieves neck and shoulder tension

Pose 6: Strengthens leg and arm muscles, increases flexibility in neck and shoulders, stretches arms, shoulder, neck and back muscles, exercises back muscles, releases tension in neck and shoulder

Pose 7: Stimulates circulation to abdominal organs, tones digestive tract, stretches upper and lower body, promotes flexibility in the back, stimulates nerves in spine

Poses 8 through 12 are essentially repetitions of poses 5 through 1, respectively. The health benefits of each are similar to their corresponding poses.
During the second set, start off with the other leg.

Proforma: Posture / Asana  / Chakra / Seed

First Posture – Namaskarasana/ Anahata/ OM hram

Second Posture – Parvatasana/ Vishuddhi/ OM hrim

Third Posture – Namaskara Hastapadasana/ Swadhistana/ OM hram

Fourth Posture – Ekapada Prasaranasana/ Ajna/ OM hraim

Fifth Posture – Bhudharasana/ Vishhuddi/ OM hraum

Sixth Posture – Ashthanga Pranipatasana/ Manipura/ OM hrah

Seventh Position – Bhujangasana/ Swadhistana/ OM hram

Eighth Posture – Bhudharasana/ Vishuddhi/ OM hrim

Ninth Posture – Ekapada Prasaranasana/ Ajna/ OM hrum

Tenth Posture – Namaskara Hastapadasana/ Swadhistana/ OM hraim

Eleventh Posture – Parvatasana/ Vishuddhi/ OM hraum

Twelfth Posture – Namaskarasana/ Anahata/ OM hrah

Chakras are focal points where psychic forces and bodily functions interact with each other. They are transceivers of SCALAR energy.  Scalar waves operate in a non-linear time dimension which is hyperspace, at any speed from zero to infinity, as they are not limited to the speed of light. When you develop cosmic consciousness, the chakras vortex will extend further from his body. These chakras cannot be seen by the sight sense of the common man.  Each of these 7 chakras are associated with a specific colour, organ, gland, mantra and frequency.  Chakras can send out information carrying soliton waves, which do not attenuate.  The Indian sage has exploded into a space of consciousness in which inner awareness is spontaneous. Cosmic consciousness is an intellectual enlightenment or illumination, an undescribable state of moral and intellectual elevation, a feeling of amazing bliss. Gazing at the sun or stars is an enlightening practice that fills up the soul. The real nervous system operates by means of synaptic messages. The virtual one operates by means of the quantum effect of tunneling (particles passing through an energy barrier that classically they should not be able to climb).  The real one is driven by classical laws, the virtual one by quantum laws. Consciousness is therefore driven by quantum laws.  Remember, chakras dictate all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual processes that take place in your body.  Every chakra is a transmitter cum receiver antenna. As per Vedanta we are essentially holographic energy beings existing in a state of resonance with the scalar field of the cosmos

Pineal gland is literally the third eye. The great Himalayan masters did Surya yog by gazing at the rising sun with a silver coin placed in between the eyebrows on the forehead . The solar wind at dawn, charging the earth’s magnetic field, stimulates the pineal gland.  This is the best time to meditate , chant and sun gaze.  At dawn, the negatively charged pineal and the positively charged pituitary combine their essences to create a "light in the head". Pranayama floods the Pineal gland with oxygen, to make it resonate. The reddish grey pineal gland is located in the geometric center of the brain.  The nerves that serve the pineal gland don't originate in the brain but in the sympathetic nervous system.  This gland can be activated by activated by sunlight, and also by sound resonance. It controls the various biorhythms of the body. It can discern negative energies, based on perception of vibrating energies around you. When the pineal gland does not receive sunlight, it secretes Melatonin, which induces sleep, increases blood sugar, craze for food, leading to obesity, fears and anxiety.The pineal gland is a photosensitive organ and thus an important timekeeper for the human body. The pineal gland produces PINOLINE, ( 6-methoxy-tetra-dydro-beta carboline, or 6-MeO-THBC ) . Pinoline also resonates with the very pulse of life 7.83 Hertz, the pulse the DNA uses to replicate, and which has been measured to be emitted from the brains and hands of all successful healers, regardless of belief or faith.  Pinoline enables the threshold levels of DMT to become active in the brain . DMT with Pinoline increases brain activation multi fold.

Pineal activation awakens normally latent neural pathways. Nerve fibers leave the pineal and make synaptic connections with other brain sites through traditional nerve-to-nerve connections, not just through endocrine secretions. EASTERN VEDIC RISHIS MYSTICS HAD THE ABILITY TO GO ON EITHER SIDE OF THE NARROW BAND OF 5 HUMAN SENSES, WITH A KING SIZED RESONATING PINEAL GLAND. THEY COULD TRANSCEND THE SENSES AND LIMITATION OF SPACE-TIME.  There is a lot we knew 10000 years ago , but has been lost to this this 21st century-- right? You cant observe the quantum world without your Pineal gland -- the other 5 senses have too narrow bandwidths. Quantum physics has showed the ancient Indian Yogis were NOT mere dreamers of cosmic consciousness, where our bodies, our brain and its mind, as inextricably joined with other matter and the mega dipole of universe . There is indeed a connection between consciousness and tangled state quantum phenomena. They firmly believed that the invisible below the quantum screen gives rise to the visibleWhile Newton tries to explain the invisible through the visible. There is no room for consciousness or morphogenetic fields in the dictionary of Darwin.

A mantra is a word or a series of words , which produce longitudinal Scalar waves by resonating your Pineal gland and your DNA—in a divine language. A divine language like Sanskrit came out from a 12 strand DNA – the most complicated supercomputer on this planet.  The king Mantra OM or AUM is 11000 years old—and was told by the sages that it was the original sound when the Cosmos was created. OM opens up quantum tunneling for the wormholes to happen , where the speed of light is NOT the limiting factor.  DNA is a superconductor that stores light at body temperature, and can create magnetic wormholes in ZPF .. Microtubules and axional membranes are also hollow cylinders. Mantras are Scalar energy based sounds which resonate in the Zero Point Field Aakashik hyperspace.

---Mantras resonate your pineal gland and reprogramme your DNA. The human DNA can produce longitudinal scalar waves.    Mantras vibrations on DNA , chakras and pineal gland purifies and raises human consciousness.    Mantras centres your mind ( effect on subconscious ) and slows down your breathing.     Mantras increase your Auras as seen by Kirlean photography— due to the effect on symphathetic and para sympathetic nervous systems.---Mantra chanting must be done with intent, to make it more powerful. This is about consciousness again.

Pranayama— where you exhale twice as long as inhale— IS MORE ABOUT DUMPING OLD EXPERIENCES, RATHER THAN MERE OXYGENATION OF BLOOD. Breathe in the new , breathe out the old.  Pranayama—inhale and exhale with awareness— long exhales with the sound of mmmm.  Humming boosts level of nitric oxide—this in turn ups the oxygen intake by 98%, the biggest secret .  Ordinary breath is a mere 4%.  70% of toxins in your body are released by exhalation— rest by sweat, defecation and urine— surprised?  The main purpose of respiration is to provide oxygen to the cells at a rate adequate to satisfy their metabolic needs.  This involves transport of oxygen from the lung to the tissues by means of the circulation of blood.  The power of breathing lies in its relationship with your energy source. The mind is intimately connected to your breathing. Deep breathing triggers the lymph, your body’s sewage system which will give your cells more efficiency. It keeps the blood fully oxygenated.  The physical aspect of lack of oxygen in the body is not as important as the mental and spiritual aspect.

Lack of oxygen always slows your reaction time. The more oxygen our brains receive the better they function.  Stress, fear and anxiety causes muscles to contract and blood vessels to constrict. When blood cannot be transported freely through the body to provide oxygen, and antibodies and to carry away and dispose toxic wastes, illness sets in.  Mind is non material , but it works in partnership with communicator molecules. With every thought mind moves atoms of hydrogen, carbon , oxygen and other particles in the brain .
Knowing the connection between breath and consciousness, the ancient yogis devised PRANAYAMA to stabilise energy and consciousness.   Anxiety vanishes entirely when you are one with the rest of the universe. When your mind is disturbed the fundamental energy Prana leaks . Pranayama just reverses the process. People who do Pranayama regularly have quieter nerves , less lethargy , better sleep and lower BP.  It prevents accumulation of Uric acid which gives joint pains.   Fluctuations of mind are controlled and hence Pranayama prepares you for meditation.

Back to Surya namaskar--

Sage Agastya had taught Surya namaskar to Lord Rama just before his fight with Ravana in 4300BC. Basically you are greeting a new day with a grateful heart. It is done in open air.

The benefits are:--

1)  You raise your consciousness

2)  Develop inner peace

3)  Rekindle your drooping spirit

4)  Detoxification of body and mind

5)  Your face glows --balance of mind, body and spirit.

6)  Mental clarity and concentration

7)  Raise your immunity

8)  Reduces biological age.

9)  Centring yourself and stoking your inner flame

10)  Gratitude and communion with self

11)  Awakening at cellular level, improves metabolism, burns fat

12)  Expansion of perception

13)  Physical exercise , stretching, flexing of spine. Removes stiffness of joints and ligaments.

14) Destress.

15) Good sleep at night.

16) Miraculous delivery from disease -physical and mental.

17) Your skin is cleansed by sunlight and you have less BO. Clears eyesight too.

18) Improves body posture.

19) Drives away phobias.

Suryanamaskar is done in barefeet on a mat. At the end of Surya Namaskar you must do Shavasana. Lying down thinking of peaceful nature, to get into the Alpha brainwave mode.

Surya namaskar can be done by anybody . Dont do it if you have back problems or women have menses. Wait for atleast 20 minutes before you take a bath.

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Instead of ever getting irritated, sad or moody for one second, DEVELOP YOUR gratitude and sense of AWE for and at life, reverence for it, refreshing that mood with the simple thought and words, 'isn't it great. God is wise to make it like this." Then, refresh your sense of your place in life, your LIFE MISSION. Do great work, childcare, geriatric helping, activism which is mainly having groups in for potluck, so it’s parties, really. Why else would they call them POLITICAL parties? And do some fixing of society, maybe. Last, you can do things to develop your PSYCHIC ABILITY and mystics say that having E.S.P is fun. That'll make you happy. If you pick the right lotto ticket, it will!

take ginseng and do some yoga. smoke some pot too.

So let’s understand this, the bad moods are like trash and they must go. You can switch over and live in perpetual ecstasy. Easy. Just assume the pose. You think GOD would turn on a channel that sounds like a bowling ALLEY combined wih noisy soap opera? NO!

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Love God by Frank Grow

This movie recreates the experimental savagery and punk attitude of the b-movie masterpieces of the 80's, with its mix of fun, gore, improbable characters, a fabulously insane script and some latex monsters with tentacles. Yeah. It's that good. I must admit I felt a thing for the psychopath woman that thinks she is Kali, for her wonderful appearance and mystical killing frenzy.
From the premises (a psychiatric hospital relocates some patients to a creepy downtown hotel) to the core of the story (a prehistoric worn mutate into an ancient god and looks for a soul mate), this is one for the Franck Henenlotter's fan that's spleeping inside you: a monstruous tentacle goes out the toilet and tries to steal jewelery (?!!), a Woman in Blue make-up (Kali) goes on a killing rampage because Shiva asks her so, an germaphobic woman is rubbing her mother to death, our hero is making a giant bubble gum statue while reading and destroying the jokes inside.