Love God by Frank Grow

This movie recreates the experimental savagery and punk attitude of the b-movie masterpieces of the 80's, with its mix of fun, gore, improbable characters, a fabulously insane script and some latex monsters with tentacles. Yeah. It's that good. I must admit I felt a thing for the psychopath woman that thinks she is Kali, for her wonderful appearance and mystical killing frenzy.
From the premises (a psychiatric hospital relocates some patients to a creepy downtown hotel) to the core of the story (a prehistoric worn mutate into an ancient god and looks for a soul mate), this is one for the Franck Henenlotter's fan that's spleeping inside you: a monstruous tentacle goes out the toilet and tries to steal jewelery (?!!), a Woman in Blue make-up (Kali) goes on a killing rampage because Shiva asks her so, an germaphobic woman is rubbing her mother to death, our hero is making a giant bubble gum statue while reading and destroying the jokes inside.

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