de brassers - de brassers (1981)



Scottish Bill Wells Octet( trumpet, sax,flutes, tuba,harmonica,piano,bass, guitar, percussion, voice) plays slow jazzy acoustic elegiac pieces that recall many things from music and life: retro atmospheres, avant-garde, soundtracks, half abandoned thoughts, even lounge moods and...Sushil K Dade (future pilot aka) adds them some contemporary (for its time) exp-electronica edge. The whole attempt keeps a friendly asymmetry that sounds interesting. "Requiem pour un con "(S . Gainsbourg) is covered here , and the closing track also has a nice art-ambient-ethno-ethereal touch. Ten themes they fit together by being free to rehabilitate a different each time picture puzzle.

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tucker martine - brokenhearted dragonflies: insect electronica from southeat asia (2004)

There is a legend in Burma stating that swarms of male dragonflies gather to join in choruses of high-pitched tones to court their mates. The ones that don’t succeed in mating eventually scream so loud that their chests explode and they drop dead to the ground. These recordings are a tribute to this legend. Droning cicadas, dragonflies and other insects display their charm as masters of the High Frequency Airwaves recorded live and unprocessed by Tucker Martine in the lush settings of Laos, Thailand, and Burma. Enter the supernatural world where Entomology and Electronica converge in a tropical hallucination of alien sound. Anyone who’s ever wondered if these strange symphonies could be recorded or preserved AS precisely as they sound in the field need look no further! Martine has done it and you will be transported to the exact experience one would encounter in these mysterious lowlands. mirror

sun city girls - torch of mystics (1990)


Suicide Club - Jisatsu circle

suicide, turbidity (?) , one-shot volume, and blood.
suicidio, turbiedad, volumen unitario y sangrita.

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20th Century Boys - Sci-fi / Post(light)Apoca Manga

Growing older is pretty rough and Kenji is finding out just how hard it can be as life starts wearing down on him. On top of trying to make ends meet running a convenience store, he has to care for the niece that his missing sister left in his care. Memories of youth make it easier, until those memories come back to haunt you.

Kenji and his old friends are slowly being drawn into a mysterious conspiracy that could threaten the world. Who is the mysterious "friend", and how does he tie into Kenji's youth? Why are there disappearances and deaths tied into Ochanomizu University? The friend's memories hold the keys to the puzzle, but years between cloud the clues.

The strange occurances and the reach of the "friend" conspiracy grow by the day. It will all culminate on New Year's Eve 2000. Will Kenji and the rest of the group be able to put together the puzzle and save the world?


Kenji anda por los veintimuchos y su hermana le deja una sobrinita que cuidar y una tienda de escavio para mantener. de repente , el mundo se vuelve una meirda y un tipo al que le dice "Friend" (eh amigo) comienza a dominar japon mediante un plan que kenji y sus amigos planifican como una broma. que pasa si el plan de kenji en su infancia implica destruir a la raza humana completa con robots, enfermedades de mosquitos y putrefaccion?

kwk opinion : Gran Manga , 22 volumenes . MUY RECOMENDADO para fans de la vieja escuela.
: Great Manga,22 volumenes , HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to Old School Truly fans.

Wikipedia - 20th century boys
To read Online - Para leer online
20th century Boys

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PETER JEFFERIES elevator madness (1996)

This release is one of the 90`s solo works of the man behind "THIS KIND OF PUNISHMENT ", if not the most important, at least my favourite band of New Zealand . Peter and his brother Graham formed TKOP after the shortlived NOCTURNAL PROJECTIONS, while Peter was also member of PLAGAL GRIND with Alastair Galbraith.Their vision for music went much further than punk ,lo-fi,and post industrial psych-folk ...An even beyond music encounter of many inclinations of the civilization of late twentieth century. ELEVATOR MADNESS is 3rd solo lp recorded in canada at a time Peter already involved with MECCA NORMAL(Jean Smith of MN is here producer) . Unbearable cold noisy environments alternate with piano , some velvet minimalism and hammillian vocals. Amongst thanks Blaise Pascal.
LINK (73.5mb) @256Kb/s

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Various Artists - Latinamericarpet Exploring The World Of Latin American Psychedelia Vol. 1 (2007)

Historically Latin America was the part of the “new world” that Christopher Columbus “discovered” in 1492, which soon was brutally conquered by the Spanish and Portuguese. Obviously it was only a “discovery” from a Eurocentric perspective because, in fact, on these vast lands there were hundreds of advanced native cultures living for centuries. However after countless years of violent colonization and internal wars, the independence emerged on the whole continent launching a group of new countries with their own and unique identities. But what is Latin America nowadays? A complex answer for a complex puzzle: some people would say it’s a huge cocktail that combines -in a more or less chaotic way- the rests (or ruins) of Pre-Columbus Cultures and diverse European traditions mixed with a high dose of pseudo-tropical weathers, Latin manners and unstable economies... although that’s also a simplification: Latin America is just Latin America and it deserves to be “rediscovered”... But let’s go straight to the record.
Latinamericarpet is a non-stop collage of vinyl artifacts culled from stacks of forgotten LPs of the 1960’s and 1970’s from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Isle de Pascua (Easter Island). This compilation brings together some glittering sounds from LPs that have been somehow forgotten over the years. Although most of the tracks presented here were recorded during the peak of the psychedelic era in the late 60’s and early 70’s, this is not a collection packed with guitar group psychedelia although there are a few unknown gems here that qualify as such. There are also pop and folkloric songs, children’s songs, odd instructional record excerpts, and a few other anomalies from our neighbours to the south. For sure these selections are only brief samples of what was done in Latin America in those glorious years, but while we wait for further works that can bring to light more sounds from this “undiscovered” continent, just relax, turn on your stereo and keep this magic Latinamericarpet flying. (Compilation/Liner notes by Albano Costillares in Argentina)

NINO ROTA plein soleil (1961)

Each one inspires someone , to paraphrase the title from a GROUNDATION album . The cover photo of tryfex post Radio Algeria reminded me all of a sudden a film by Rene Clement, "PLEIN SOLEIL" , the original score of which composed by NINO ROTA.
Nino ,combining the symphonic
heaviness of Bernard Herrmann scores for thrillers, with light ,lyrical, traditional themes of italian south, created a cosmopolitan, intense and melancholic music ,highly nostalgic for faces and landscapes , as if those were unreachable , as if the summer atmosphere ,the light that baths, were only one moment far from disappear.
Rene Clement keep distances from Highsmith`s original work. He sacrifices the complexity of a book full of unsolved mysteries, he obscures the delicate web of psycological observation , he ignores the hypnotic pace of development and finally misses much of the ambiguous personality of talented Mr Ripley.Prefers instead in focusing in atmosphere, the twilight of fifties...and as he said " ...plein soleil isn`t a thriller...".

About the music score, Clement used the compositions of Rota unsynchronically , which means music written for one sequence shifted to another, so that beside picture and music a third , sometimes perhaps inscrutable, view of things revealing.

Paths for further following:

VIM VENDERS the american friend
PATRICIA HIGHSMITH pentalogy of Tom Ripley
NINO ROTA music from F. Fellini`s films

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conrad schnitzler - auf dem schwarzen kanal (1980)

with wolfgang seidel mirror


Tago Mago (1971)

Ege Bamyasi (1972)

Future Days (1973)

various artists - radio algeria (2006)

Release Notes:
Radio Algeria is a multi-dimensional assembly of audio culture from the Mediterranean coast to the undefined border areas of the Sahara Desert and beyond. This is perhaps the most diverse collection of the Algerian listening experience ever presented featuring raw Berber folk, modern Arabic pop, sacred Islamic traditional, Andalusian orchestral, Guesba (the origin of Rai), classic early Rai, Khabyle, Tuareg, Saharaui, and hybrid music styles influenced by Europeans to the north and sub-Saharan Africa to the south. The presence of French culture is a relevant factor in some of these tracks as modern history would suggest and the language is still spoken by a large portion of the population. No English is spoken on Algerian-produced radio. Collected, assembled and edited in 2005 from AM, FM, and Shortwave broadcasts recorded in Algeria, there are radio finds here that defy categorization. Excerpts of bumper music, DJ announcements, advertisements, and radio station Id’s reinforce the transitions between the musical segments throughout this production.


Avant-jazz-folk-klezmer-experimental approach of the classic "FIDDLER ON THE ROOF" musical , from first class "knitting" personalities and friends.Uncompromise , funny, grotesque, inventive and completly diverse songs create an extreme eclectisism by bringing close (and sometimes one into the other) the different and the old, the classic and the unexpected. Stephen Merritt , Residents , Jill Sobule, Uri Caine, favourites from a compilation you can leave nothing out. Knit with sunthreads.
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PLASTIC PEOPLE OF THE UNIVERSE hovezi porazka (1984)

This avant prog , experimental czeck band that originated from late sixties, recorded the material of this album at early 80`s and at a period their members were under police surveillance because of their opposition to regime. PPOTU go beyond the usual for the genre combination of virtuosity, free imagination and complexity. Hovezi porazka is dense , tight music ,rooted in the blues-jazz-folk-r.i.o. territory.Impressive eastern european flavoured horns sound rockier than guitars while dark, inauspicious, or explosive vocals express clearly the direct facing of the reality for a band that seeking freedom in life and art is one and same thing. Artistry with rare skills in the service of a revolutionary heart that needs no ideology to live riskly between activism and dreaming, between senses and thought.


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amos & sara - go home soldier (1983)

staff carpenborg and the electric corona - fantastic party (1970)

andy giorbino - stolpern (1981) mirror
Mi nombre es John Alejandro y soy esquizofrénico,
No soy nada de atractivos mucho menos fotogénico,
Mi mejor amigo es un payaso que me aconseja,
tiene ojos de rana y vive dentro de mi oreja,
él habla mucho y a veces se molesta,
y cuando le pregunto cosas casi nunca me contesta,
pero él da la vida por mí y yo doy la vida por él,
también sabemos que hay un desnivel
dentro de nuestro redondel,
la gente piensa que yo estoy enfermo
porque corro por la ciudad con mi cuaderno,
hablando con los perros con pantalones cortos y unas botas de
un paraguas en la mano y un sombrero de torero,
pero no estoy mal del todo también hablo con la gente
digo muchas mentiras para jugarle con la mente
me gusta dar mal las direcciones del camino
para que la gente siempre llegue tarde a su destino,
ando con dos hadas madrinas volándome por encima
cargando jeringuilla repletas de vitaminas con morfinas
hasta que mis venas se inunde
pues me la paso haciendo muecas y la gente se confunde,
perdóneme si me estoy riendo demasiado
es que ayer se murió mi madre y me botaron del trabajo,
debo 6 meses de renta en mi cartera ni un centavo,
y no me baño desde octubre del año pasado
tengo mi cuerpo todo cicatrizado,
con cortaduras profundas y quemaduras en primer grado,
pero no es nada grave nada delicado
es que nunca me doy cuenta porque me la paso todo el día anestesiado
me gusta caminar solo así hablo con el viento
nunca he tenido sexo como una monja en un convento
tranquilo aunque se que puedo explotar
de manera repentina como una mina en la segunda guerra mundial
soy un psicomaniático antisocial
luego de saludarte me lavo las manos con jabón antibacterial,
soy un paciente mental lo admito
pero eso no te da derecho a mirarme de reojo
y a tratarme de lejitos
ven acércate no te voy hacer nada
lo que parece sangre en mi camisa es salsa de tomate derramada
ven amiguito acércate aquí las tijeras que traigo son para
cortar el jardín.

Soy un asesino en serie, como los de miniserie,
Detrás de la puerta, colecciono gente muerta,
Para poder matar el hambre, desayuno cereal con sangre,
No tengo familia, porque maté a mi familia.

A veces vienen doctores a visitarme
Con disfraces de fantasmas a tratar de alegrarme
Porque sufro de trastornos ayer metí mi gato en horno
Y su rabo me lo colgué en el cuello de adorno
Cuando me dan los episodios empiezo a sudar sodio
Y grito muy fuerte para poder sacar el odio
También me dan miedo las sombras
por eso no me atrevo a ir al baño
Y me orino en la alfombra
Es normal yo solo tengo 13 años
Todavía corro bicicletas y no hablo con extraños
Pero si no tomo mis medicinas durante el año
Todos los días sueño con poder hacerte daño,
Picarte en pedacitos con estas mismas tijeras
Meterte en bolsas plásticas y guardarte en la nevera
No se asusten hoy me tome mis medicamentos
Estoy de buen humor bien contento con buen aliento
Yo se que llevo cara de serio pero estoy contento
Ahora mismo voy a jugar con mis amigos en el cementerio,
De hecho estoy enamorado de unos de mis amigos
Hace un año murió sin dejar rastros ni testigos
Es una niña hermosa con la cara color violeta
Todas las noches me acompaña a correr bicicleta
Ella no habla por que es sordomuda
Y Por eso la gente piensa que estoy hablando solo y que
necesito ayuda.

Suda Lala Guta Lala - Endou Kenji

Pop Crapy Song from the Japanese Manga "20th century Boys", one of the best mangas I've read.

video: Bob Lennon
Justice Never Dies



one voice is not enough for dreaming ... Exposed to the look of portraits hanging here i was just wondering what piece was missing...

DIVE ICI for pieces missing. mirror

For guidance,orientation let`s be transparent mirrors.

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turismo salvajía - camino en profundidades salvájicas (2007)

billy bond y la pesada del rock /tontos(operita)/1973

yat kha - yenisei punk

VA - Big Lizard Stomp! more teen trash psychedelic from tokio

(side A)
1. GOLDEN CUPS - Got My Mojo Working
2. BEAVERS - Over Under Sideways Down
3. MOPS - Bera Yo Isoge
4. SPIDERS - Johnny B. Goode
5. CARNABEATS - I Love You Everyday Sand
6. D'SWOONERS - Purple Haze
(side B)
1. JAGUARS - Tobacco Road
2. GOLDEN CUPS - Hey Joe
3. JAGUARS - I'm So Glad
4. GOLDEN CUPS - Hiwa Mata Noboru
5. SPIDERS - Boom Boomv

1- VA compilation of japanese trash rockabilly/fuzztonz 60's bands
2- Nice , simple and easy to listen if you are nipon fan.
3- Refresh your childhood listening Johnny be goode, AGAIN.

Download me here . Arigatou mirror

1- Compilacion de bandas japonesas de jovencitos ponjas de los 60 (rockabylyfuzstonerwww )
2- lindo simple y facil de escuchar
3- cover de juancito se beuno por decimoquintamilliones de vez.
4- no se pierdan el tema intro y outro que son re piolas.

Vomited and Discovered by KwK

O´coya (La bandana del metal)

Es metal para gatos que te puede hacer llorar. El pasado de las cejas grandes sabe hacer tápin y el bajista esta duro de la vida.
Ninguno de sus exitos son el flautista vs el amor letal o brendulandia (la hija del policía), ni el Payaso Asesino o zamba de janeiro. Fer y gusti murieron despues de la grabación de este hermosa perfomance ético-calaverística con roces a la muerte (que es a lo que han llegado), la misma fue efectuado en el corriente año 2008 planeta tierra capital federal.

"Querido o´coya:
Mis investigaciones en el campo de la exitopsia han progresado. Eso me hace feliz, si bien la felicidad no es mi objetivo sino muy por el contrario. Entre la fauna urbana, pretendiendo abordar de cero a la consumación de una galletita manón en el suspiro de una adolescente a las tres de la mañana. Nunca olvides cuando te propongas olvidar y cuando hables no te propongas hacerlo."

tetsto :pablo cogolloderock

payaso asesino

Telectu - live at the knitting factory nyc

Portugal Based band, duo. I'm happy to post this, it isn't on the web and is a good piece of crap mirror

FOR AGAINST shelf life (1997)

With an oxymorous name ,totally harmonic with the ever evolving contrast of light and shadow, this Nebraska trio (guitar -voice - bass-drums ) repeats with 1997 `s "shelf life" once again the same old miraculous trick : simple on the surface , far from novelties, (and that `s why timeless), dreamy haunted guitar pop music , challenging beautiful by staying stubbornally close to their basics.
"Shelf life "released by the legendary independent project records ,(home of savage republic ) in a ( usual for the label ) marvelous handmadelike paper package that is worth buying if you find. Ten songs included covers of everything but the girl & east river pipe and about half an hour of twilight delight.Like travelling along with a setting sun through crystal crannies.
" dont know what is wrong, you dont know what is right , you dont know, you dont care, that`s why i love you..."
GET IT at 256Kb
to those after "december" they forgot ....and specially for some ...doubting thomas.
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Although term klezmer referred at first to the "musical instrument" and gradually meant also the musician that played it ,finally,
in the 20th century, this term referred to the traditional music of hasidic hebrewism.That music performed mostly in weddings or other festivities and as many pieces of jewish culture carries a lot of multicultural elements and influences.This genre became quite popular the previous decades amongst listeners all over the world and not specifically because of the ethnic -world fashion of that era.
Important musicians and composers dealt with it, especially ones activated around the NY avant -free -impro -jazz scene like John Zorn, Paradox trio , Andy Statman ,Eric Friedlander a.o.
Amongst them , the Klezmatics members Frank London (trumpet) and Greg Wall (sax) , formed the very exceptional project of HASIDIC NEW WAVE in 90`s and recorded "Jews and the abstract truth " ,their first lp.
Both the old and the new fitted perfectly into their compositions.Free-jazz-impro-psych-funk electricity joins the basic cheerful , simple, but also somewhere distantly mourningful spirit of tradition leading the genre to new, less secular directions and some deeper , mystic ritualism.
"KABALOGY " their 3rd effort, equally or a bit less trippy than 2nd lp "psycho-semitic " , hides and appears some meditative melancholic mood behind of explosions of free imagination mania , anger, simple joy, fun, and ....a humour topped up in the last "giuliani uber alles" cover track.

KABALOGY , a knitting factory release, performed by:
and produced by KRAMER

Bitrate at 256kb
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Mutantsounds has planned to post HNW 2nd lp "psycho semitic "soon . if they dont you ll find it from CLUB AMIGOS DEL .RAR Y ALF in the very near future.

los mirlos del peru -antologia