Mind Game (Tanoshii, 2004)


223.96 MB

Mauro Oris - El Acuario (2010)

BAJAR (34 Mb)


01- Niños topo
02- Gallinas
03- Helado de mono
04- Acustic bomber
05- Luis Luque, el linyera
06- Camino transitado
07- Perritos
08- No importa

Disco de estudio para niños. También para toda la familia. Animalitos por doquier, algún día alguien te comprenderán hermoso niño interior! Niños. Música para niños. Tilún tilún. Me gustaría que lo escuches.


people like us - hate people like you (1997)

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muslimgauze - iranair inflight magazine (2003)

c de cat II

wiski satry
roni y sus amigos
los chau
y la barra de savedra
pura musica
en colegiales

002 letra

super man
*sarpale la guita a tu abuelaaaaaa
*a tu viejaaaaaaaa
*indian jones
*si vives en detroyt te aconsejo mi hermano
*si vives en detroyt te aconsejo mi hermano
*no te curcez con robocop
*ekl kukuxklan
*en saveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedra
*suoer man
*de saveeeeeeeeeeedra
*robocop de saaaaaaaaaaaaaavedra
*de saveeeedra
*el kukuxclan
*el kukuxclan en savedra
*es fundamental
*como lo fue roberto goyeneche
*nicolas macora
*kukuxclan en savedra es indispensabole
*en la copita
*de savedra
*enla copa tmb
*en odonado y balbin
*nicolas maccora
*la barra de plantese
*roberto goyeneche savedra
*guachin savedra
*roberto goyeneche
*nicolas macora
*roberto goyeneche
* paso
*savedra savedra
*roberto goyeneche
*nicolasa macora
*gol golgolgo

julian que bien q se te ve
tu eres mi sol
tu eres un reaccionario
con tus bombas molotov aras el bien
hay julian
tu eres mi sol julain
si tu eres mi sol
yo croe q ya es hora julian
hora de hacerlo
calculale 3 metros a la derecha
hoy llegoel dia
tendras q hacelro nomas
ya no vamos a esperar
la noche a venido por ti
y tu saldran a buscarla
vas a festejarla nomas
ya no habara noche
( es tuya juan)
cuando ams resistias
te vino a bsucar julian
sabes q es tu enemigo
vino volando te matara
por q el pelea por la noche
y por la noche se hace rogar
y vos poeleas pro el dia
y por la noche q tomas ?
de la rica tomas

hazde hacerlo ya julian
tuvistes el secreto en la punta de tu lengua por tpoda rtu vida
encara para el campo
y hacelo ya julian
es hora
tuvistes el secreto
de la lengua
y ahora
estas con lso pibes en el barrio
y te queres mutar

Binaural Beats - The Worlds First Digital Drug (2006)


With a "digital drug", you can touch those parts of your mind usually reserved for the momentary peaks of our existence. This is a totally legal, completely safe, non-addictive binaural beat recording that releases endorphins, the body's natural "happy pill", to bring about an elevated mood state.

You simply slip on the headphones and relax. You feel soft and cosy. As the noises swish around inside your head, you gain a total sense of clarity and harmony. Your brain naturally generates and releases endorphins, enkephalins, endogenous opiates, and serotonin... your mood elevates, pain disappears, fears and anxieties are crushed. You steadily begin to realize your sensitivity has increased. Suddenly everything looks brighter and more beautiful. Why don't people usually see this? You feel like a famous movie director, with a very special lens on life.

You're totally conscious with amazing clarity of mind. You feel a sense of euphoria. You close your eyes and can suddenly visualize anything you dream of. It's truly amazing. And it doesn't just last for your sixty minute session... this is a totally natural "high on life" digital drug, with the effects lasting for hours afterward... no sudden "drop down", no adverse effects. It's just a feel-great, total-mind state of happiness, pure and simple.

Here are the frequencies utilized in the production of the Digital Drug CD:

0.5 - 1.5 Hz - Endorphin release

0.9 Hz - Euphoric feeling

2.5 Hz - Production of endogenous opiates (pain killers, reduce anxiety)

4.0 Hz -
Enkephalin release for reduced stress

10 Hz -
Enhanced serotonin release. Mood elevation, arousal, stimulant

14 Hz -
Awakeness, alert. Concentration on tasks

20.215 Hz -
Brings about safe LSD-25 effects

30 Hz -
Used for safe marijuana effects

33 Hz -
Hypersensitivity, C. consciousness

38 Hz -
Endorphin release

46.98 Hz -
Visualization effects, when used with 62.64 & 70.47 Hz

Carriers: 90 - 110 Hz -
Pleasure-producing beta-endorphin rise
111 Hz -
Constant beta endorphin release

Special effects
Light panning phaser effect on the 10 Hz chord

Tri Atma - Ka Jakee Music (1986)


Cosmic synthpop sounding like Pyrolator's Wunderland minus the animal sound effects.

A1 Yummy Moon
A2 Ka Jakee Jakee
A3 Mysterious Walk
A4 Red The Rhythm
A5 Aerolite

B1 House Of Glass
B2 Neverending
B3 Starlet Night

Lucas y su computadora - Todo bien

Disco de 2008
¡Todo Bien!
o o o o
Salud, amor, divercion, y lindisimos dias ias ias as s s s s s s s s

Venetian Snares - Cavalcade Of Glee And Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom (2006)


Aaron Funk aka Venetian Snares is back, but you usually only have to wait a few months for him to return anyway. Last year he put out the genre-defying, world-beating, rectum-prolapsing "Rossz Csillag Allat Szuletett" which confirmed my suspicions that Funk was reigning supreme over his peers in this zany electronica/IDM genre that I know little to nothing about (so I won't even front).

Suehiro Maruo & Edogawa Rampo - Panorama of Mirrors (2008)

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