ESG . a south bronx story

este no es un disquito mas, es un discazo con 14 estrelllitas luminoooosas

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/REPOST_____ rowenta khan - avantgarde explosion (1997)

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viste esos discos que son tan increibles y no lo podes volver a escuchar pero te re super inspiran para siempre?

FRANK ROWENTA y DR P-Li-KHAN, los mismisimos HNAS (oh si, una de mis bandas favoritas y favoritas de los pibes)

gracias german por haberme pasado tan tan tan tan buena musica

muslimgauze - observe with sadiq bey (1999)

who plucked the rose from the eye of the beholder?

Daniel Schell & Karo - If Windows They Have (1986)

-"4 Karos..." announced Dr Freudenthal.
He displayed his cards triumphantly on the green baize. A beautiful run of diamonds.
-"How lucky you are" said Lucy. "You won for the whole evening...there must be some trick!!!"
-"There is a trick!"
He took a small machine out of his pocket...hit some keys...a funy assembly of DNA-like modules appeared on the liquid display...they were connected one to another, as if they were made to measure...
-"So, that`s the automatic Karo-Machine...!"said Wolfgang.
-"I am sure there is a little man inside..." whispered Lucy.
They all laughed... until Dr Freudenthal begun in a deep voice:
-"The traveller goes from the direction of Mount Original, to see the sea... He meets a primitive tribe, the KAROS. They transform the light of the sun into music... They speak the lingua cosmica... out of 1 Karo they produce 4 Karos, 36 Karos..."
They were all staring at him, bemused.
-"Was the traveller a Celt?" he continued, "or a Tunisian? Whatever...He decided he would code their secret into one single object...he then would hide this treasure, and bury it in the sands, at low low tide..."
''But the sea is vast and quick; so quick that it pursues the traveller. Can he reach the white cliffs in time?"
-Excuse me, Doctor, but this is very important: can you play this mini-rosetta stone on your radio...?"
-I guess not, Wolfgang...we get so much noise from saturn, these days...3,2 (1)...*, 2 (6)... .*1,2 (5)/$%+.88.... ...zzzzzzzzzyykkrrrrr....
They were listening with rapt attention: was this an intelligent message?
-"You can be sure of one thing: these people have no reason to waste their energy through the windows..."
-"If windows they have..."

DANIEL SCHELL - chapman stick
PIERRE NARCISSE - percussion
JEAN-LUC PLOUVIER - keyboards, shortwaves

(composed by Daniel Schell except track 5 by Pascale Son & Daniel Schell,
cover painting "SYLVIE" by Angel Vergara Santiago,
text reproduced from the back cover of vinyl edition)

Mauro Oris – Música medicinal, espiritual y de danza Vol.3 (2011)

Mauro Oris – Música medicinal, espiritual y de danza Vol.3 (2011)

Stephen Kent + Mauro Oris + Oumou Sangare + Ayo Nelson – Homaiah + Lo Ka Ping + Värtinä + Djalo Gurruwiwi & Gurritjiri + Yothu Yindi + Diana Baroni – Sapukái + Nana Vasconcelos + De boca en boca + Sagrado Los Andes + Ismael Ledesma + Steev Kindwald + Lama Gyurme & Jean - Philippe Rykiel + Irsol + Bi kyo ran + Cosey fanni tutti + Alonso Del Río + He Xun-tian + Hans de Back + Lucas y su pc + Ayo Nelson + Dada + Sainkho Namtchylak + Lama Tashi


Román Ramón - 6 cuellos (2010)

Download & info:

Thiaz Itch - Binjoum (2008)

Binjoum is a delightful bittersweet cocktail that comes on point for summer times. An avalanche of unexpected associations of sounds arranged with a great sense of humour and tones. Bursts of mandoline, maladjusted vocals, calypso, space age pop, dada collage, coconuts and bikinis are in the Menu.

Radio Cramps (The Purple Knif Show) [1984]

Radio Thailand

Jodido Disco de Psicodelia Thailandesa (ultraparaguaya en Bizarrez), muy disfrutable, sincero, simpatica, como una cebra: :)
Hail Thailand!


Mauro Oris - Musica medicinal, espiritual y de danza vol.2 (2011)

Mauro Oris – Música medicinal, espiritual y de danza Vol.2 (2011)

Tonolec + Mauro Oris + Shpongle + Afgin + The Chieftains + Anthony Copping + Lemunantu + Aflaiai + Tito La Rosa & Tavo Castillo + Chacaltaya + Mark Isham + Dj Zentao + Herbert Flores + Aldeias Guaranis + Ahmad Pejman + Pachacamac + Bolivia Manta + Camarón de la Isla & Paco de Lucía + Babatunde Olatunki + Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Brian Keane + Joanna Juhola + Qur'ân Recitation, Istanbul, Turkey + Nana Vasconcelos + Hermeto Pascoal + Toto La Momposina + China Traditional Music + Miles Davis & Marcus Miller


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Various - Play That Beat Mr. Raja Vol. 1 (2011)

the third song from this album..

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