Rayne - Rayne (1979)

"No one has asked me to stay alive and if I wanted to I could just lay down and die.."

Frank Saucier and his 3 brothers formed Rayne in 1977, located in the New Orleans suburbia. They have recorded the album with good home equipment with no overdubs.

The original album (the black album as they called it) was only pressed 300 times and during a moment of frustration they took a box of the album and shot them with a shotgun. So not many left to sell.

The music is first class psych rock, strong compositions, great guitars & vocals, just everything right, something you would expect from a band located in New Orleans. Southern spirit and the tough guys don't dance thing, they play music instead.


Umaru Sanda - Dariya Da Makiya

Kermit the Frog acid bongo synth circus.


honeymoon killers & aksak maboul - les tueurs de la lune de miel (1981)


Psykovsky - Da Budet ( 2009 )

Dark Psytrance rapidito,bichitos ciberneticos

01. Psykovsky - The Wild Thyme Blows
02. Psykovsky - Bekhudi
03. Psykovsky - Coup De Grace
04. Psykovsky - Kiklisko Magiston
05. Psykovsky - La Rando De La Folio
06. Psykovsky - Isshoni Taides
07. Psykovsky - P.S.Y. Love You
08. Psykovsky - As Soon As Prayers Cross
09. Psykovsky - Hellove Ja Wohl Yo



Girl's drop
Sensibility age
The girl's secrecy
Stepchild's dejection