The Lonesome Organist - Collector of Cactus Echo Bags (2006)

The Lonesome organist is Jeremy Jacobson.He plays Organ, Piano,Drums,Guitar,Steel Drums, Toy Piano,Vibraphone,Marimba,Toy Vibraphone,Harmonica,Vocal,and programming. This one man band astounds the crowds by playing drums,organ,harmonica toy piano, toy vibes and singing - All at the same time o.* . This is his debut Lp

Listen HERE

PATRIK FITZGERALD " safetypin stuck in my heart - the very best of" (UK,1994)

Patrik Fitzgerald`s name is synonym to acoustic punk and punk poetry. A pioneer of DIY, an example of "less is more" greatness. Naked to the core punkrock, without noise, without electricity, without instruments nearly...
This compilation includes his first 3 classic EPs along with other re-recorded tracks from early albums. It is a good place to start. If you like it, you can get also "Pillow Tension", a very rare 1995 album he released though greek label Lazy Dog, from La Folie du Jour (see links).
listen safety pin here (75mb)

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sun city girls

1984 - Sun City Girls
1986 - Grotto of Miracles
1987 - Horse Cock Phepner
1990 - Torch of the Mystics
1991 - Dawn of the Devi
1992 - Live From Planet Boomerang 1 2
1993 - Bright Surroundings, Dark Beginnings
1993 - Pelican 92 72.96
1993 - Live at C.O.N. Artists
1993 - Kaliflower
1993 - Valentines from Matahari
1994 - Juggernaut
1994 - Midnight Cowboys From Ipanema...
1994 - Piasa...Devourer of Men
1995 - Jacks Creek
1996 - 330,003 Crossdressers from Beyond the Rig Veda 1 2 3
1996 - Dante's Disneyland Inferno 1 2 3
1996 - Live from the Land of the Rising Sun City Girls
1997 - Box Of Chameleons 1 2 3
1998 - Dulce
2002 - Flute and Mask
2002 - Wah
2006 - Djinn Funnel
2006 - For Drummers Only
2006 - Live Room
2006 - Piano Bar
2006 - Montreal Pop

incomplete discography more coming
if someone has information about the vhs's please leave a note


various artists - sound cosmodel (1984)

Paranoia Star - Suehiro Maruo

Download tutu

Shintaro Kagou - Superconductive Brains Parataxis

none ero guro. science fiction drama robotik chuchu.

Download here

Hell Season - Varios

shintarou Kago, jun Ayami, Machino, Tsukimori, Hattori, suehiro maruo (??), waita uziga, horihone saize, Asuka airaisi in one gore, blood, extreme , etc... book.

Download Here
kwk : ))

Download 1995's dilbert year

Inugami Expert - Suehiro Maruo

Download here!

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Tom Bearden Collection

Tom Bearden Collection Download

bearden site
bedini site

Thomas E. Bearden is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Army who is in his own judgement "active in the study of scalar electromagnetics, advanced electrodynamics, unified field theory, and overunity systems".

H.N.A.S. - The Book of Dingenskirchen



One of least wondefull album listened. With some ritual thing behind. there are only 20 copies. say.

Allways thanks to discogs. .!

COH - Iron

Thank you : Olaf Bender,, Frankie Gothard.
Dedicated to Vadim 'Mark' Kosolapov and heavy metal fans all over the world. mirror

Aborto Gay

Miguel Tomasin - wall miy efterr (2002)

Please play attention to track number 8.

Aborto Gay mirror

You Got Foetus On Your Breath - Deaf

1st Album of AKA Foetus.
So good album, with danceable tracks and also harsh industrial Tracks.
It's in .M4a format, i don't a conversor, my computer is in fault. But we need to have this album right noW!

DEEP FREEZE MICE teenage head in my refrigerator (UK,1981)

Second and very possibly the best DFM album. British post punk art at its most innocent, surrealistic, paranoid, experimental.Intellectual references filtered through the common or uncommon young people daily life and dreaming. Raw recordings, simple ways to express a sense of tragic, irresistible melodies, diy practice, sci- fi, dub parody, sudden sadness alternated or confused with funny scenes...Hundreds fragments of past come strangely together and change meaning into DFM world.The quintessence of a free pop culture. No study of 80`s pop civilization is valid without including Alan Jenkins & co.
Riped from 1991 Madagascar label cd version which was edited by Alan Jenkins himself & includes bonus material (tracks 13 - 17).

If you like this album, get also their third "The Gates of Lunch" from La Folie du Jour.

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