MARTIN REV clouds of glory (1985, 1996 cd reissue)

1985 vinyl edition front cover

There is some interest in the club for electronic sounds that comes from 70`s or 80`s alternative underground region (conrad schnitzler, holger hiller ,pyrolator, cluster, muslimgauze, etc) so i decided to post an LP from a veteran of electronix. Martin Rev, the half of the legendary SUICIDE, recorded the material of this album 1981-84 at NY, with Marty Thau. Of course there is no ALAN VEGA singing here, so don`t expect that rock and roll feeling SUICIDE uniquely created some years before without using(!) rock `n` roll instruments. Anyway these electronic excursions don`t miss much of the genuine anticomformist spirit of Martin, and they may interest funs of SUICIDE, or lovers of analog electronics, or completists, or followers of 80`s dark paths.

Clouds of Glory was 2nd Rev`s solo album and released first by French New Rose label in 1985. Reissued 1996 by RED STAR MUSIC with a new cover, including also the extra track "Island" from 1987.
Red Star Music cd reissue front cover
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