PETER JEFFERIES elevator madness (1996)

This release is one of the 90`s solo works of the man behind "THIS KIND OF PUNISHMENT ", if not the most important, at least my favourite band of New Zealand . Peter and his brother Graham formed TKOP after the shortlived NOCTURNAL PROJECTIONS, while Peter was also member of PLAGAL GRIND with Alastair Galbraith.Their vision for music went much further than punk ,lo-fi,and post industrial psych-folk ...An even beyond music encounter of many inclinations of the civilization of late twentieth century. ELEVATOR MADNESS is 3rd solo lp recorded in canada at a time Peter already involved with MECCA NORMAL(Jean Smith of MN is here producer) . Unbearable cold noisy environments alternate with piano , some velvet minimalism and hammillian vocals. Amongst thanks Blaise Pascal.
LINK (73.5mb) @256Kb/s

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Juan Pablo dijo...

Yo realmente quisiera tener elevator madness!! Y Far From Asia, está increible.. Saludos al club!

paramo dijo...

dear juan pablo (sorry i dont understand spanish), e-mail me for

Anónimo dijo...

This is awesome. I hardly like "indie" or "alternative" music after 1985, but this is a real discovery for me. Very, very *deep* yet very listenable. Your description is excellent. Thank you!