NINO ROTA plein soleil (1961)

Each one inspires someone , to paraphrase the title from a GROUNDATION album . The cover photo of tryfex post Radio Algeria reminded me all of a sudden a film by Rene Clement, "PLEIN SOLEIL" , the original score of which composed by NINO ROTA.
Nino ,combining the symphonic
heaviness of Bernard Herrmann scores for thrillers, with light ,lyrical, traditional themes of italian south, created a cosmopolitan, intense and melancholic music ,highly nostalgic for faces and landscapes , as if those were unreachable , as if the summer atmosphere ,the light that baths, were only one moment far from disappear.
Rene Clement keep distances from Highsmith`s original work. He sacrifices the complexity of a book full of unsolved mysteries, he obscures the delicate web of psycological observation , he ignores the hypnotic pace of development and finally misses much of the ambiguous personality of talented Mr Ripley.Prefers instead in focusing in atmosphere, the twilight of fifties...and as he said " ...plein soleil isn`t a thriller...".

About the music score, Clement used the compositions of Rota unsynchronically , which means music written for one sequence shifted to another, so that beside picture and music a third , sometimes perhaps inscrutable, view of things revealing.

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