FOR AGAINST shelf life (1997)

With an oxymorous name ,totally harmonic with the ever evolving contrast of light and shadow, this Nebraska trio (guitar -voice - bass-drums ) repeats with 1997 `s "shelf life" once again the same old miraculous trick : simple on the surface , far from novelties, (and that `s why timeless), dreamy haunted guitar pop music , challenging beautiful by staying stubbornally close to their basics.
"Shelf life "released by the legendary independent project records ,(home of savage republic ) in a ( usual for the label ) marvelous handmadelike paper package that is worth buying if you find. Ten songs included covers of everything but the girl & east river pipe and about half an hour of twilight delight.Like travelling along with a setting sun through crystal crannies.
" dont know what is wrong, you dont know what is right , you dont know, you dont care, that`s why i love you..."
GET IT at 256Kb
to those after "december" they forgot ....and specially for some ...doubting thomas.
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