San Ul Lim Discography (1977 - 1991)

San Ul Lim - Oh, Already, Vol. 1 [1977]

San Ul Lim - Laying Silks and Satins on my Heart, Vol. 2 [1978]
San Ul Lim - 1978 My Heart, Vol. 3 [1978]

San Ul Lim - Express Train, Vol.4 [1979]

San Ul Lim - Hourglass in the Afternoon, Vol.5 [1979]

San Ul Lim - Wait a Little, Vol.6 [1980]

San Ul Lim - Don't Go, Vol.7 [1981]

San Ul Lim - Fly, Bird, Vol.8 [1982]

San Ul Lim - I'd Like to Remember You With a Smiling Face, Vol.9 [1983]

San Ul Lim - Your Meaning, Vol.10 [1984]

San Ul Lim - Will It Rain The Day You Leave, Vol.11 [1986]

San Ul Lim - Dreaming Park, Vol.12 [1991]

San Ul Lim (translated as 'That Mountain Echo', alternate spellings include 'Sanulim', 'Sanullim' and 'San Ul Rim') was formed by three brothers born of privilege in Seoul, South Korea.
With confidence gained from endless practicing and competing in a university student song contest, they approached record label SRB (because it was near their house!) and recorded their first album in just one day.
Upon its release in 1977, the LP sold over a half-million copies and paved the way for many further volumes. The songs are full of fuzz guitar, tinny keyboards and simple production, reminding one of the American garage and pop-psychedelic groups from the sixties, but with an Asian flavor. For this new reissue World Psychedelia have included two pages of English liner notes, explaining the significance of the final track, a cover of the traditional Korean folk song 'Arirang'.

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