Pyrolator - Pyrolator's Wunderland (1984)
I rully rully couldn't stay away and I am happy to report that the hole in my brain is starting to heal. I had a momentary lapse of enthusiasm but fret not my dear carnuval goers of mango fuck fucks. Melodrama got a bearhug on my soul and I was like wohhhhh I need to put my cock on therapy because my balls are hibernating in japanese hotel room type enclosure. I am so happy that I am dancing around my bedroom, masturbating my pineal phallis in between typing. And here is pyrolator again because I love this album so much it gets my kiwis twitching and my frontal lobe jumping through hoops of fire. The first track makes my penis sneeze warm pearly glitter goo. What wuz I thinking? Answers on a post card. Markus Van Bastard III ;-)

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Anónimo dijo...

I want to carbonize your twig and berries and stick them to my mother's wall. She hates my over stimulated endorphins, they make the whole family feel like a wall of evergreens with a fresh sappy scent.

fagsnapper dijo...

i feel a phuckin star bangled tit-wank coming on