Ariel Pink

HIITS-attention! 1996 - 1997
Welcome 2 our World
Yas Dudette 98-06
Oddities Sodomies vol. 1
Worn Copy
Scared Famous
House Arrest
Ariel Rosenberg's Thrash n' Burn Pt. 1 - Pt. 2
Ariel's music sounds like it's been recorded from inside his own arse-cavity with one of those Home Alone Talkboy FX + pen's that were knocking about in the mid to late nineties. But that does not lessen the completely wanktropical output of this long-haired chap.(Most of the links are rapidshite/rapidshare but it's been working for non-members this weekend. If however if it decides to tighten it's butt-cheeks again then drop us a comment and maybe mediafire can doo zee job).

Though his music is often lauded (or criticized) for its nostalgic sound quality, he sees his work as an impassioned and meticulous evaluation of industrial hit-making radio (and it’s psychedelic underpinnings) between roughly the mid 1970’s and the late 1980’s. He is able to pull from somewhere between the cracks of this emotionally vacuous history a holographic kind of humanness that may not have existed there. His knowledge of popular song-writing forms is vast, allowing him to arrange an impressive variety of musical idioms, all so authentically quoted that they are barely removed from the historical moment in which they emerged.

He now performs visceral renditions of his (previously karaoke-styled) songs with a five-piece rock band. He has to a large extent subsumed his musical persona to this ensemble, laying aside the moniker “Ariel Pink.” Most recently, he has been interested in the contemporary musics of Ethiopia and Eritrea, and has taught himself to read and write Ethiopian Amharic.

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