Spiders On Phasing-The Scorpions Studio Outtakes 1-6, 7-15-Germany-2000

This fabulously fucked sounding gem contains German post-NDW avant electronica maven Felix Kubin's collaborations with both Tim Buhre (whom he used to work alongside in the atonal post-industrial ensemble Klangkrieg) and, significantly, Asmus Tietchens. It's not stated anywhere which side Tietchens is involved in (or indeed of his involvement at all), but sonically, it's plain that side B's cycles and reverb-y detournments bear Herr Tietchens fingerprints. Every detail of the packaging is formulated for maximal confusionist amusement, beginning with designing it to appear to be a Scorpions bootleg (dig the morphed photo showing Tietchens manning the boards on a Scorpions session!), and said confusionist amusement is underscored by the sonics within, a deliciously damaged agglomeration whose formulations push a proactive grotesquerie that's been a latent gene in the larger body of work that Kubin's cobbled together in the intervening years, initially evident on early projects under his own heading like 1999's Jane B. Ertrinkt Mit Den Pferden 10" and latterly on projects like his Idiotenmusik 7". The queasily e.q.'ed source sonics on side A (presumably his work with Buhre) are rudely squeezed through the tubes of assorted jerry rigged electronic Rube Goldberg contraptions, before being alternately tweezed, suction pumped, squashed, vacuum sealed or inflated to capacity, all parts popping and pinioning like the bolts on some cartoon of a overloaded machine about to burst. Meanwhile, as alluded to before, Side B's presumably Tietchens-involved activities dance a different sort of fandango; a syrupy malaised quease of effects melted easy listening dismemberings, Werkbund/Mechthild Von Leusch-like cavernously reverbed devolving metallic rhythmic revolutions and insistent dadaist vocal loops.

By Aborto Gay
From Mutant-sounds

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