PATRIK FITZGERALD " safetypin stuck in my heart - the very best of" (UK,1994)

Patrik Fitzgerald`s name is synonym to acoustic punk and punk poetry. A pioneer of DIY, an example of "less is more" greatness. Naked to the core punkrock, without noise, without electricity, without instruments nearly...
This compilation includes his first 3 classic EPs along with other re-recorded tracks from early albums. It is a good place to start. If you like it, you can get also "Pillow Tension", a very rare 1995 album he released though greek label Lazy Dog, from La Folie du Jour (see links).
listen safety pin here (75mb)

posted by paramo

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Anónimo dijo...

You shouldn't distribute Patrik's music, he never earned too much money with it. Just offer two songs or so!

paramo dijo...

if i am no wrong most of the music works we are loving, talking about and posting here (unknown, forgoten, rare, underatted) never made their creators reach and doesn`t seem it will. My intention anyway is not helping artists become richer or poorer. I post music it deserves (in my opinion)a better fortune, music neglected i believe people have to listen to or at least to be informed about its existance.Unfortunately Patrik `s music is no famous and remains no famous after my posts (no comments, no many downloads). If he had any commercial success there would be no reason for trying to turn listeners attention to him. Offering some samples only of his work is not a bad idea though this collection gives a more complete picture of who Patrik is.i remind also that this compilation collects only early material (so it is not at all a best ). More interesting works of Patrik released in 80`s and they also wait to be discovered.paramo