DEEP FREEZE MICE teenage head in my refrigerator (UK,1981)

Second and very possibly the best DFM album. British post punk art at its most innocent, surrealistic, paranoid, experimental.Intellectual references filtered through the common or uncommon young people daily life and dreaming. Raw recordings, simple ways to express a sense of tragic, irresistible melodies, diy practice, sci- fi, dub parody, sudden sadness alternated or confused with funny scenes...Hundreds fragments of past come strangely together and change meaning into DFM world.The quintessence of a free pop culture. No study of 80`s pop civilization is valid without including Alan Jenkins & co.
Riped from 1991 Madagascar label cd version which was edited by Alan Jenkins himself & includes bonus material (tracks 13 - 17).

If you like this album, get also their third "The Gates of Lunch" from La Folie du Jour.

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