Floh De Cologne - Fliessbandbaby's Beat-Show [German progressive rock/Krautrock/1970]

Floh de Cologne were formed in 1966 as a political and anarchic collective of students from the University of Cologne. The group is composed by Gerd Wollschon (voices, keyboards), Markus Schmidt (violin, bass), Hans-Jorg "Hansi" Frank (drums & keyboards) and Britta Baltruschat (voices). They recorded their first album "Vietnam" (Pläne) in 1968. This musical act is a protestation against the war. The famous and controversial Rolf Ulrich Kaiser (ohr) published the following albums whose the classics "Rockoper Profitgeier" (1971) and "Lucky Streik" (1972). All albums contain provocative and humorous sketches about political and social facts. Musically their style can be considered as a mixture between avant-folk, sound experimentations, free rock and narratives. Recorded in 1973, "Geier Symphonie" punctuates Floh de Cologne's original style to demonstrative, semi theatrical and symphonic rock attacks. In 1974, after the split of ohr label, the formation go back to "Pläne" for several recordings until the end of the 70's.

Track Listings

1. Fließband
2. Fließbandbaby, manchmal träum ich
3. Komm mit mir ins Wegschmeißwunderland
4. Sei ruhig, Fließbandbaby
5. Ford Capri
6. Hey Johnny
7. Arbeit macht freitag
8. Wenn Springer mal rülpst
9. Armer junger Krupp
10. Die oberen Zehntausend
11. Fließbandbaby, wir sind wieder wer
12. Mädchen mach die Beine breit
13. Fließbandbaby, du sitzt im Gefängnis


- Hansi Franchi / drums
- Dieter Klemm / vocals
- Markus Schmidt / guitar, keyboards
- Dick Stadtler / bass
- Gerd Wollschon / vocals

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