Protection from Electromagnetic Fields and Harmful Microwave Energy

The Personal Harmonisers which you carry or wear on your person, protect your personal energy field (aura) from EMF pollution.
The Environmental Harmonisers neutralise EMFs in a room (eg a TV), or set up a barrier from a nearby microwave energy source (eg high tension transmission line, or a microwave tower).

• We will soon be drowning in a sea of microwaves and electromagnetic energy.

• Wireless communication is taking over in homes, offices, and public places, as evidence of microwave health hazards multiply for humans and other species across the living world.

• There are the powerful emissions from TV and mobile phone transmission masts.

• Brain cancer has been linked to overuse of mobile phones by sensitive people.

• Wi-fi (wireless computer connections with the Internet) is available in millions of homes, corporations, and university campuses, secondary schools and a number of British cities, exposing the most vulnerable populations to microwave irradiation.

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