Jelly in the Oven..

Today I though I would share with you some albums I have been treating me ears to lately. I like a nice blend of sounds and I will listen to almost anything. Sometimes certain albums will fit correctly with my ear cavities better than other "lesser" albums. I hope you like them and maybe they will go someway to inspire your musical tastes. Anyway I have jelly in the oven and my comfy chair is awaiting me in Nirvana. All my love.. M ;-)

Shark Move - Chede Chokra's Shark Move (1970)

Raw Indonesian psych-prog. Nice for listening to on a Sunday evening after a hefty roast dinner.

Bugskull - Phantasies And Senseitions (1994)

A nice bingo machine of abstract sounds, jams, and samples. Almost reminds me of early Bobby Conn.

Caravan - In the Land of Grey and Pink

Nice canterbury prog-folky kinda music for a relaxed night by the fire, with a brandy and winter weather outside. That's why we used make this kinda music in England ;-)

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