limbus 4 - mandalas (1970)

1 dhyana
2 kundalini
3 heiku
4 plasma

Reissue of the 2nd Limbus album (their even more obscure debut from 1969, under the name
Limbus 3, has been bootlegged on CD by Germanofon & is legitimately available on LP via
the Batschong label), which was originally issued by OHR in 1970. A fantastic dose of
early 70s German freeform weirdness and an essential reissue for the tuned-out community.
"Formed in 1968, Limbus were a most unusual band who grew a unique music out of jazz,
folk and avant-garde roots. As the more varied instrumental quartet Limbus 4, with swirling
organ, studio effects and a most bizarre use of kazoos, Mandalas has perplexed and confused
many. Limbus 4 were certainly one of a kind. We uncover: Odysseus Artnern, Bernd Henninger,
Matthias Knieper & Gerd Kraus (piano, bass, cello, viola, violin, flutes, percussion,

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