the hat shoes - differently desperate (1991) mirror mirror

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paramo dijo...

got little time to listen to this gem that it was for me unknown.It is the kind of music i like although with such musician involved, could be even better.Compared with some accesible compositions here, others seem to swim in a too deep avant-arbitrariness or maybe i think so half only listened.You see, there is not much time. As i see you have much ReRec material and by the way, as this album sent me to an even older past ,would anyone want some AFTER DINNER or DAGMAR KRAUSE (tankbattles) or NEWS FROM BABEL or CHARLES HAYWARD (my secret alphabet) or tell what you are looking for. Me , the moment, i try to find hayward`s "survive the gesture" which i ve listened only once, when it was fresh, about 20 years ago.
So far i post stuff from original cd`s (my vinyls are not riped yet)that i like (i am mute without liking )but dont see often out there, despite of most of them being parts of a more mainstream territory.