Paper Rad Interview

Aca les doy entrega de entrevista que encontre a " Paper Rad " . Prefiero que se curtan de la cuestión ustedes por su cuenta; basta con ingresar al wiki un rato, o
de navegar por la red con la palabra Paper Rad en cualquier buscador.
A mi parecer son un grupo de artistas que respeto mucho y me parecen que son de tend
encia, y realmente caben dentro de lo que tendencia merece como palabra/concepto. Se reiran al descubrir que en un tiempo la popularidad de estas personas crecera.

De aca bajan la entrevista entera en TXT :
Paper Rad Interview
And I guess, now at the MoMA! I mean, certainly you didn’t dream of this when you were, you know, first starting to do animations. Or maybe you did? Or is this even a big deal? Do you guys find this funny? Or do you find this to be the right place for your art, or is it a joke?

Jacob: This is stupid. I mean, to be honest, it’s not stupid in a negative way. It’s just, it’s kind of hard to understand. And I don’t think…I just know everybody’s out there, picturing a board room, and they had a big chart with every artist, and they were like, assigning values to them. And Paper Rad won this big contest of who got to play at the MoMA. But it’s just totally random. Again, it’s just about a social circle and being nice to people, and back-and-forth creativity.

Ben: Like I said, this is exactly how it started. They met me at a film show because I knew the guy who ran the place. And we knew someone here who was, like, booking new shows. So it’s so simple like that...I mean, it’s a pretty weird brand, the MoMA, I guess…but that’s fine. We play in basements, we can certainly stoop to this level.

Jacob: Yeah. I mean, I think our thing is…
[Security guard enters room where we're conducting our interview.]

Security Guard: You guys. Excuse me. Are you guys having a meeting?

Everyone: Yes.

Security Guard: Ya’ll are setting off my alarms. You can’t be here. This is, like, a restricted area.

Jacob: We were escorted here.

Kim brought us in here.

Ben: Kim from PopRally. See, this is what I mean, by the way. This shit should totally go in the interview.

Yeah, I’m sorry, we’re just…we’re doing an interview right now.

Security Guard: Well, okay. But nobody told me that you were going to be here. I can’t have you here.

This is totally going in the interview.

Ben: I’m glad this happened, it kind of sums up the weirdness. And I don’t mean it in a negative way towards the MoMA, I just mean that the situation is awesome and strange, and I think we should celebrate those kinds of situations. And thanks to everybody at Pop Rally.

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